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Charlotte’s New Sports Performance Training Center Celebrates Grand Opening

After working with athletes of all ages for over 9 years, I decided it was finally time to pursue my real passion. And that’s training serious athletes ages 13 and up as well as highy motivated individuals to reach their ultimate athleticism. Don’t get me wrong. I love coaching little kids and other youth who simply need to get out and start loving sports and being active. But I get really excited about teaching that athlete who is hungry, focused and doesn’t want to miss a session because he or she understands the importance of discipline….

ULTIMATE ATHLETE sports performance training facility

Which brings me to what this blog is really about. The Grand Opening of ULTIMATE ATHLETE. I hope you’ll come check out the facility. It’s on Saturday, March 21 from 11 am to 1 pm.  You can take a tour of the training facility here in the Lake Norman area. We’re going to have representatives from Lulu Lemon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, OhYeah!, HealthNutz and other sports and health-related businesses. And  the famous “Hogman” will be out back cooking up some lunch for you.

But the highlight of the event, no doubt, will be the athletic competitions. We’re going to have 5 challenges for athletes  in various age groups to determine who the “ultimate athlete” really is. There’ll be prizes for those challenges, but the top performing male and female will win the title of “ULTIMATE ATHLETE” and win a prize basket valued at $250.00.

An NFL scout and several college coaches will be attending the grand opening, so it’s a great time for athletes to come out and show them what they’ve got and what they need to improve on.

We’d really appreciate if you RSVP for the event–we don’t want to run out of grilled chicken and burgers! You can do that by visiting my event page at

Hope to see you there!