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Charlotte Athletes: The Big Strength Training Secret

Put the Barbells Away

That’s right. Even the light weights. If you are a young athlete, you have...

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3 Football Training Lifts to Tackle for Power

Before I get into the specifics about football player training in the weight room, I need to take a...

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Agility: 4 Top Drills for Quickness

You get what you train for. No doubt about it. And when it comes to agility training, if you train...

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Charlotte’s New Sports Performance Training Center Celebrates Grand Opening

After working with athletes of all ages for over 9 years, I decided it was finally time to pursue...

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Swimmers and Dryland Training—Like Fish out of Water?

Sport performance training is for swim teams too.

Good swimmers train in the water. Elite swimmers...

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Isn’t Sports Performance Training Just a New Name for Working Out?

Some people, even some incredibly cut gym rats, still think they’re doing sports performance...

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5 Tips For Running Faster From the Get-Go

You’re standing there on the starting line ready to run a max effort sprint for time…for football...

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