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The Bigger, Faster, Stronger Story Behind Ultimate Athlete

With our Grand Opening happening this Saturday, I wanted to take a minute to share how it all got started.

Helping athletes train in a place like ULTIMATE ATHLETE has been a goal of mine since I started doing sports performance training over 9 years ago.  I always felt like I could create a program, a culture really, for athletes that was one of a kind.  My vision was to have athletes from 13 years old to professional all training under one roof to become bigger, stronger and faster. For me, several components were critical:

  • We would focus on speed and strength training equally–high performance demands both.
  • The program would work for different ages training at the same time–younger athletes would push themselves and maybe hang in there with a collegiate or professional player.
  • It had to be about the athletes and what is best for them.  All programs can be customizable so athletes are getting exactly what they need.
  • Lastly, we would create an atmosphere where everyone is highly motivated, competitive and giving 100% all the time.

I was first introduced to the philosophy of sports performance training in Wellington, FL at my brother-in-law’s place, Athletes Advantage.  At the time, I was playing arena football in the state and needed a quality place to train.  My first thought was “Man, I wish I had been training like this when I was much younger.”  The culture and atmosphere was something I had never experienced before, and I really liked training in a place with other athletes who were also serious about getting better.

Within the next year I was coaching at a sports performance facility and was learning tons about speed and strength training and how the human body should move.  Again, I said to myself, “If only I knew all this while I was still playing I might still be playing!”  I realized right then that I had found what I wanted to do for the rest of my life–help other athletes learn what I have learned, hopefully a lot earlier in life.

I wasn’t the only one that felt like this.  My college tight end at Gardner-Webb and one of my best friends to this day, Jason Bright (JB), shared a similar experience about giving back to athletes and helping  people work hard and stay active.  JB and I stayed in touch, and I knew one day we would link back up and do something special.  Even when I was running another training facility and JB was running his Crossfit Box, we knew at some point we could join forces and create the ultimate training program.

At the beginning of this year that goal became a reality and ULTIMATE ATHLETE was born.  It’s about two hard working old friends and former college teammates who are looking to help athletes maximize their potential and teach them training tools and secrets.  An athlete’s window to play is so short and there is so much to cover.  Our goal is for all our athletes to become ULTIMATE and maximize their potential, learn important life skills and have fun in a motivational training environment.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for ULTIMATE ATHLETE.

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